Assembly & Install

Congratulations on your new Mod Lift X! We're excited for you to get more done the easy way. This page hosts the full Assembly, Fitment, & Install Guide (PDF available below) along with follow-along assembly and install videos for your new MLX.

We recommend bookmarking this page so you can quickly reference it in the future.

Mod Lift X being installed on a UTV

Assembly, Fitment, & Install Guide PDF

Here's the Assembly, Fitment, & Install Guide PDF, which you can view in your browser or download. It's got all the technical details and clearly labelled diagrams to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible.

We've also got some handy follow-along videos for assembly and installation to make the process as simple as possible. If you have any questions not answered by these resources, please get in touch on our Contact page.



Out of the box, your new Mod Lift X needs to be assembled before you can install it on your vehicle. If you know how to use a wrench, you're ready to rock. The tools you'll need are either two wrenches or two ratchet sockets: 9/16" and 7/16". Once you've got those you're ready to assemble.

Once you've got your tools ready, follow along with our assembly video below and/or the full Assembly, Fitment, & Install Guide PDF.


After you've assembled your new Mod Lift X, you're ready to tackle fitment and installation. We've been 3D scanning the most popular brush guards up close and personal to ensure accurate compatibility and fitment. All models shown here are verified by us to fit the Mod Lift X, and we're frequently adding model-specific instructions. If you have one of the models we've scanned, you can check out the interactive hotspots in the 3D viewer for fitment details for your vehicle.

Check out the gallery of verified UTV brush guards below or check out our full database over on Sketchfab here.


Now that you've gotten your MLX assembled (and double checked fitment for your vehicle's brush guard), you're ready to install it on your vehicle! Check out the Install Guide video below or the full Assembly, Fitment, & Install Guide PDF above to get your Mod Lift X hooked up. After you've gotten the hang of it, installing and uninstalling your Mod Lift X should take under a minute.

Your UTV has evolved.
Now it's time to put the MLX to work.

We'd love to know how the assembly and install process went for you! Let us know if there's something about the process we can improve on on our Contact page. Once you're up and running, share how you're using your MLX and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! We want to hear from you.